I'm Going To Show You How We Predictably Generate High Five Figures Per Month With Dead Simple Online Marketing And Sales Strategies You Can Implement Starting TODAY.

This Is Why We Do What We Do:

Since joining Kevin’s coaching, as I’m writing this I’ve generated $590,775.52 from selling my own products an earned $208.805.62 in commission as an affiliate and this is all from free traffic. I also got awarded top affiliate on JVzoo. Needless to say without Kevin’s coaching, the connections and guidance none of this would have ever been possible. Thank you for everything. - Sajan Elanthoor

Dear Friend,

If you're looking to break records in your business and achieve new levels of success and profitability, then you're in the right place!

Here's why:

My name's Kevin Fahey.

I'm a course creator, digital marketer, and marketing consultant.

For the past 15 years, I've been eating, sleeping, and breathing online marketing.

Over the years I've built countless wildly successful brands and generated multiple 7 figures online and empowered countless of my students and clients to do the same.

Let Me Just Quickly Show You Some Of The Results 

 I've Generated Over The Years So We Can Get Past The Introductions 

And Get To The Good Stuff...

Now, then...

I wanted to do something special.

After years of building businesses and releasing products, I wanted to create a legacy offer that would encapsulate all of the most effective online marketing strategies I’ve ever discovered...

So I went through all of my best-selling products...

Took Every Single Training 

& Strategy I've Ever Created... 

And Put It All Into One

I want to help you make money and build a business that allows you to live life on your terms.

I want you to be armed with the most cutting-edge effective online marketing strategies to generate traffic and leads, and ultimately make sales.

Lots of it.

And for admittedly selfish reasons, I want my methods and strategies to be pathways that help you achieve your breakthrough.


Results With Kevin Full Access Pass

This Bundle Contains ALL OF MY MOST RECENT 


Here's A List Of Everything You'll Find Inside:

Results With Keivn Part #6

100K/Year Made Simple

This is a special training program where I break down the systems and processes I use on a day-to-day basis to continuously grow and scale my business...

These are the exact strategies anyone can leverage to easily get their income to that $100k per year mark...

And inside you can look over my shoulder and see how I think about building my business and constructing systems and processes required to achieve these types of results - super valuable!

(Sells Daily For $47)

Results With Kevin Part #5

Emergency Report For Marketers

Over the past 12 months, the online marketing space has been changing at a rapid pace.

And the majority of marketers have been suffering by it.

While we were able to identify these changes early and boast yearly growth we've never seen before in our business.

In this Emergency Report, I share the 5 MASSIVE mistakes marketers are making and 5 POWERFUL strategies you can put to use today to join us and have a FANTASTIC record-breaking year in your business!

(Sells Daily For $27)

Results With Kevin Part #11

 Free Traffic Shotgun

This is a course I created focusing exclusively on "covert" strategies for generating high-quality FREE traffic.

It's not a secret that free traffic is rarely high quality and high-quality traffic is rarely free.

However, over the years I've managed to come up with a number of very creative ways to generate exceptionally high-quality traffic absolutely free...

And in this training, I show exactly how.

(Sells Daily For $47)

Results With Kevin Part #12

Email Marketing On Fire

This is our best-selling email marketing course I created it with the intention to share the most cutting-edge email marketing strategies that have been the backbone of all of our businesses for years.

Inside I go over everything from how to map out your promo calendar... what emails to send when... exactly when you should START and FINISH your promotions... and how to stand out and grab attention with your email marketing campaign.

Once you go through this course you'll be pumping out wildly profitable email marketing campaigns in no time!

(Sells Daily For $47)

Results With Kevin Part #9

 Easy Repetitive System

Inside this training, I reveal the easy, repetitive, and most straightforward system I've been using to generate multiple 6 figures year after year for almost a decade.

The system is super simple and extremely straightforward and I've yet to see a person who hasn't gotten results using it.

This system is a surefire way to achieve the results you want!

(Sells Daily For $47)

Results With Kevin Part #10

Traffic Five

This course is dedicated solely to traffic generation and reveals FIVE traffic generation methods (Paid & Free) I personally use to consistently grow my email lists, top the most competitive affiliate leaderboards and continue scaling my business.

Inside, you can look over my shoulder and see with your own eyes how I build these traffic generation campaigns and duplicate them in your own business!

(Sells Daily For $47)

Results With Kevin Part #7

Project Restart Training & Interviews

This is a special training course where I reveal my approach to building new brands and starting businesses from the ground up.

And in this course, I show our students that even if I'd immediately lost everything... 

...my email list, my connections, products, and websites...

If I had to start from the ground up again I'd be able to build a successful business in a heartbeat again.

Additionally, as a part of this offer, you’re also getting access to interviews I’ve done with 19 top industry marketers, the absolute heavy hitters - people who've done some jaw-dropping things and I got them to spill their secrets to building wildly profitable businesses online!

(Sells Daily For $54)

Results With Kevin Part #8

Commission Five

This is a special affiliate marketing training I recorded after discovering a unique way to 10x my affiliate promotions with very minimal effort.

The strategies revealed inside are for you regardless if you are an absolute beginner or a complete affiliate marketing expert... These strategies will help you drastically improve your affiliate marketing results.

(Sells Daily For $27)

Results With Kevin Part #14

20K Extra Training

This course was a special training I did to document my system of evaluating my business, finding holes in it, and being able to add an additional $20k per month to my bottom line with minimal amount of work and effort.

This training is for anyone who makes any type of money with his or her online business and wants to find additional "not so obvious" ways to add additional revenue with minimum effort.

(Sells Daily For $47)

Results With Kevin Part #13

500K Training

Inside this exclusive training, I break down my $500k per year business and reveal exactly how I'm able to generate these types of results.

The training includes case studies and even spreadsheets to help you track your own progress and make sure you're on the right track to building your own multi 6 figure per year business.

(Sells Daily For $47)


That’s $1,478 In Vaule Worth Of Courses, Tools, And Resources…

For Just $497 $147

Mind you, the value of each product you see on this page is an actual amount you would have to pay if you would go ahead and try to purchase any of these courses individually.

Insane… I know!

But the truth is that this is something crazy I'm doing.

And while I absolutely should be charging at least $997 for this and I've had fellow marketers say that I should be actually charging $9,000 for this but I want to make sure I get this in the hands of the most capable and goal-oriented people as possible that are actually going to take action and continue building their businesses leveraging these extremely powerful strategies and tools.

So I want to make it as affordable as I can and frankly,

It's a no-brainer

7 Figure Per Year Business In a Box...

This is literally everything you need to build and run a wildly successful business.

This is basically all the things I have personally used to build a multi 7 figure online business!

You could literally use this collection to retire from the 9-5 grind and shortcut a lot of the trial and error, searching, and testing that I have essentially done FOR you over the last 15 years and am handing over to you...

Think about it...

Take A Quick Look What Others Are Saying

About My Training Programs!

I Get It.

Do you ever just sit back, sore-necked and cranky after another day of drowning in the information quicksand that is the internet, and just think to yourself:

  • "Why is it so difficult to find the information I need to get things started?" 
  • "Who am I supposed to trust? They all say different things" 
  • "Hours of research and I'm still no closer to putting together the dots" 
  • "I wish I could have someone just tell me what I need to do" 
  • "If I had everything set up by now, I KNOW I could run it well and make profits from it"

There Are Dozens Of People Bombarding My Inbox As I Write This With

These people just like you who are simply looking for someone to chop through the weeds of misinformation and part the waves of overwhelm and show them the way...

So if you are still reading as this resonates with you, you may be asking yourself...

Is this for you?

If you've ever felt frustrated or overwhelmed, this is for you.

So, do me a quick favor and answer this:

Would finding a way to eliminate countless hours of watching videos, browsing through contradicting websites, attending multiple webinars, and learning confusing new software...

And instead, getting your hands on proven step-by-step processes and strategies would make a difference?

Well, I bet it would!

And it's exactly why I decided to put together this bundle and share it with you as it could very well change everything for you.

Let Me Make This a Complete 

Your satisfaction is my top priority.

And I want this offer to be absolutely impossible to say “no” to – which is exactly why I’m removing the risk for you entirely…

I don’t want you to commit right now.

“Test drive” my strategies and systems, and see results.

Go through modules, try out the methods, and watch the interviews...

Implement what you learn in your business...

And then decide if this is a right fit for you. 

If it is, great! That's exactly what I would expect!

But if it’s not, then no hard feelings. 

Just email us and we’ll refund your entire investment with no questions asked.

Which is why I urge you to give Results With Kevin a shot today

There’s literally no risk on your end at all!.


Time Is Of The Essence…

Right now you can get full access to Results With Kevin Fahey’s at a STUPIDLY LOW ONE-TIME PRICE.

However, it’s a VERY limited-time offer.

And if you know anything about me, you know that if I say it’s a limited-time offer… THAT MEANS IT’S A LIMITED-TIME OFFER.

The steeply discounted price on this page you are seeing right now is to encourage you to take advantage of this special limited-time offer.

And don't get me wrong, even at $2,549 this system would be worth every single penny and then some.

But at the current price, it's an absolute no-brainer.



So take action now to enjoy this incredibly low one-time price!


Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get

When You Grab 'Results With Kevin

Full Access Pass' Today!

Product #1: Free A.I. Money Pro (Value $197)

Product #2: The 365 Sales System (Value $97)

Product #3: Million Dollar Warrior (Value $147)

Product #4: List Building MasterClass (Value $97)

Product #5: 100K/Year Made Simple (Value $97)

Product #6: Emergency Report For Marketers (Value $47)

Product #7: Project Restart & Interviews (Value $147)

Product #8: Commission Five (Value $67)

Product #9: Easy Repetitive System (Value $97)

Product #10: Traffic Five (Value $97)

Product #11: Free Traffic Shotgun (Value $97)

Product #12: Email Marketing On Fire (Value $97)

Product #13: 500K Training (Value $97)

Product #14: 20K Extra (Value $97)

Total Value: $1,478

Regular Price: $497

Take Action Today…  Get Immediate Access

For Only $147 (One Time Investment)


It’s Time To Make The Decision. 

But Before You Do Let Me Ask You This:

What if I could wave a magic wand and instantly transfer the tactics, strategies, and systems used to run a profitable and manageable multi-7-figure business into your brain?

What if you could wake up tomorrow with all the pieces of the puzzle laid out for you so that all you need to do was to take action?

And what if you had the chance to get all that, and managed to pass it all up?

What would you remember in 10, 20, or 30 years from now reflecting on your achievements in life?

The countless dollars spent on Starbucks coffee while on your way to the office? And countless hours spent waiting in traffic on your way home?


The fact that you were able to fly and visit the most amazing exotic places in the world whenever you chose and for as long as you wanted, without needing to ask anyone for permission or sacrifice an income?

That you had more time to spend with your family and friends and doing the things you truly enjoy?

That you were able to say that you took control of your finances, wealth, and happiness and started to be the driver of your destiny so that you can now sit back, proud and fulfilled with your life choices and the rewards you reaped?

If That Isn't Worth Investing In, 

Then I Honestly Don't Know What Is

Think about this:

Over the span of a year, getting immediate access to all these amazing tactics, strategies, processes, spreadsheets, and even done-for-you materials used to run a multi 7 figure business is costing you:

$0.26 a day.

What can you buy for $0.26 these days?

Nothing... Nadda!

Today you can immediately get access to bulletproof strategies and systems and go from ground zero to a fully functioning and profitable business, literally within a matter of days.

This took me a solid 15 YEARS to create and very likely you will NEVER get the chance to claim this collection ever again.


To Your Success,

Kevin Fahey

PS: If you're still thinking about it...

And ask yourself "Can I really use this to make money?"

Let Me Ask You A Few Questions:

Will you benefit from having a 7 figure business blueprint laid out right in front of you covering all the different tactics and strategies to generate traffic, turn it into leads, and then generate sales?

Will it be less stressful for you to have 100% automated sales funnels and email sequences of proven, money-making emails running in the background for you and generating sales and commissions on demand?

Will you make more money sooner if you have proven funnels, landing pages, sales pages, and even follow-up emails that you can use as your very own? 

If you answered YES to at least 2 of these questions, then I promise this will be a life-changing investment for you.

If you do, click the button below and secure your copy of Results With Kevin while it lasts... which won't be long...




Bundle For You!

I've Been In Your Shoes Before...

These Same Exact Questions…


Get All Of My Most Recent

For A CRAZY Low One Time Investment

Online Marketing Courses

I’m following Kevin’s IM VIP Affiliate Training to the letter and today the launch went live. For the first time ever, I’m on the leaderboard! I’m #4 right now. I know that each of these promos is going to go better because I’m building a better list - Zach Waldman

Just a quick shout out to my best mentor Kevin Fahey. His coaching really help me to grow my business to next level. I Just did over 55K launch couple of months ago. Guys one thing is for sure if after getting Kevin Fahey coaching I can do it then anyone can do it. Kevin sir your a great mentor. thank you for helping me and taking me as your student. - Ali Muhammad

I joined the IM Coaching program about 2 years ago when I knew nuts about online marketing. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Kevin’s attention to detail is second to none. No fluff, no rags to riches stories. Only pure actionable info delivered in an Irish accent. Highly recommended. - Arun Chandran

IM Checklists allow you to get on with making money without the worry, fear and weight on your shoulders that you may have forgotten something. EVERYTHING is there is a clear and easy to consume format that can be checked off in seconds. A Must have for all serious marketers.  

- Carl Picot

Kevin's Easy Repetitive System is exactly that: It's easy, repeats the same profitable results each time, and it's a system that anybody can use. It's the same formula I use to build my business and you'd be foolish to ignore leave this page without getting your copy. - JayKay Dowdall

When I got the 20K Extra, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s unlike most products in that is actually useful. What’s more, it's something that everyone needs, regardless of their level. I had seen Kevin make videos where he showed what he was doing and thought to myself, I’d love to have that. Now I can in 20K extra. It does come with a warning though. You could have side effects of more money in your bank account. - Adam Payne

Productivity Hacks is in many way ways your best product. I’ve been doing this gig full time since 1997 and sold at least 70,000 products and I learned a lot of great methods. Superb! 

- Marlon Sanders

“It’s another home run for Kevin Fahey with his new Premium PLR Reports product. I’ve had a pre-launch peek under the bonnet and the sheer amount of content for the price is amazing.  Several components including the eBook, Checklist, Cheat Sheet, Mind Map and of course the Opt-In Page and Sales Page are all excellent in their own right, but when you add in the fact that they all include Private Label Rights (PLR) then the value of this product is truly outstanding.  I recommend you pick up Kevin’s Premium PLR Reports, add your name and buy button to the sales page ….. and run with it.” - Neil McKenzie

 Copyright Kevin Fahey

Results With Kevin Part #1

Free A.I. Money PRO

Free A.I. Money reveals a proven money-making system using only free marketing tools and free A.I. Tools.

FREE Hosting - FREE Autoresponder - FREE Sales System - FREE Page Builder - FREE Content Creation - FREE Copywriting - FREE VSLs - FREE Emails. EVERYTHING 100% FREE!

Using my PROVEN step-by-step formula, which I’ve repeated a dozen times, in 20 minutes, you’ll be able to create a complete business, including a unique product to sell covering any topic of their choice, a bonus to complement the product or giveaway to build their list, and an upsell to turn it into a marketing funnel.

On top of that, you’ll have all the copywriting done for you, including sales copy, VSL, upsell copy, promo email swipes, follow-up email swipes, legal page, headlines, blog posts, social media posts and ad formats.

(Sells Daily For $69.95)

The 365 Sales System has one primary purpose: To give you a complete A to Z blueprint that shows you how to generate sales every single day as well as to provide you with knowledge and tools to build a solid online business that is reliable and has a super strong foundation.

Inside the video training, I'll walk you through each and every single strategy step by step and show you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why.

I've personally used these strategies for years to generate consistent sales and make MILLIONS online and in this video training, I'm going to show you EXACTLY how I did it!

(Sells Daily For $47)

Results With Kevin Part #2

The 365 Sales System

Results With Kevin Part #3

Million Dollar Warrior

Discover How To Generate A $1,000,000 On Warrior Plus - A training program entirely focused on making money on Warrior Plus as an affiliate and product creator, with EVERYTHING covered including Warrior Masters, Warrior Affiliates, Warrior Product Creator & Warrior Partnership.

Get instant access to an “all-around” system that enables you to create a truly automated online business, work 5 hours per week, and do the things you truly enjoy!

(Sells Daily For $47)

Results With Kevin Part #4

List Building MasterClass

In this course, I reveal the internal list-building strategies that I use to generate hundreds of high-quality leads per week without having to spend any money on paid traffic... And email marketing tactics that are responsible for 30% + open rates, sky-high CTRs, and millions of dollars in sales.​

Inside I take you to step by step over our unique system list building and email marketing systems that we use internally to generate traffic and drive sales and revenue with almost zero expenses and just a couple of hours per day.​

(Sells Daily For $47)

*Included is the DYF Funnel (Bump Offer) PLUS the Pro Version which includes our jaw-dropping A.I. training for Video Sales Pages, Training Videos and Graphics Design.