Imagine If a Leading Nutrition and Health Consultant, Trainer To The UFC Fighters, & Performance Coach To The Fortune 500 Companies Created a Product With Your Name On It... And a Team of Professional Designers & Copywriters Built a Full Blown Marketing Campaign For YOU To Sell It... How Much Money Would You Make?

Premium Done For You Bundle With Private Label Rights That You Can Sell As Your Own And Keep 100% Of The Profits!

Why Grab This PLR Product Today?

The Fastest Way To Shortcut The Process and Skip Straight To The “Money In Your Bank Account”... 

"Same Day" Approach for Positioning Yourself as an AUTHORITY Figure in a Multi-Billion Dollar Niche…

The Often Overlooked (But Super Easy) Method to Scaling Your Business Almost at Any Speed You Choose… By Tapping Into Accumulated Wisdom Instead Of Trying To Figure Everything Out From Scratch.

The Amazing Source Of Content For Value Driven Blog Posts, Action Driving Emails, or Money Making Bonuses... At The Touch of a Button! (This will not only save you a tremendous amount of time, it will save you a ton of money too.)

The ONLY “Health & Wellness” PLR Ever Created By a Leading Nutrition and Health Consultant, Trainer To The UFC Fighters, & Performance Coach To The Fortune 500 Companies!

Take a Look at The Number at

The Bottom of This Sales Report.

From The Desk Of 

Kevin Fahey, & Declan Doyle

Dear Marketer,

That's how much money I've generated over the past 12-months selling my own products...

It's not a secret that having your very own offer is like having a key to a treasure chest...

Having your own product immediately positions you as an authority figure and gives you full control over your business, it enables you to build your own buyers email list, keep all of the profits, use the most badass marketing tactics...

I could go on and on... But you get the point!

But Here’s The Problem...

Most people are severely intimidated by the idea of creating their own products... Or they don't have the time, or the skills required to create one.

At the end of the day creating products that would fly off the shelves is HARD. 

And honestly, writing copy... Building and testing sales funnels...

It's not a one man's job.

It requires a team of experienced marketers to put it all together so that everything would work like a well oiled machine.

So what people usually do is - they turn to PLR... Which is the next logical and rational step...

And that's great... It certainly is better than peddling other people's products... Doing all the work, building THEIR lists, building THEIR businesses, and making THEM a fortune... While THEY enjoy passive income and reap ALL the benefits of having their own products...

But the issue with most PLR is that it lacks quality and it lacks exclusivity...

Most of the PLR products have a design that makes you feel like you're still in the 2000s...

And the content... 

For all you know, the content could be created by some random semi-illiterate guy that was just trying to make a couple of bucks on Fiverr... 

Declan's the Leading Nutrition and Health Consultant, Trainer To The UFC Fighters, & Performance Coach To The Fortune 500 Companies...

He's worked with countless high-status clients, provided consultancy for world class athletes in the UFC, Boxing, and British wrestling, and has featured in some of the leading health and fitness publications and TV stations in the UK.

He's someone you would call a true expert in his field.

And here's the kicker...

I convinced Declan to spill all of his secrets and create a product EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU...

A product you could re-brand, slap your name on it, and call it your own!

I even went as far as mapping out the entire "bullet-proof" marketing strategy to sell this product and then got my personal team of copywriters and designers to make it a reality...

  • Premium Quality Done For You Product
  • Professional Written "Value-Driven" Content
  • Attention Grabbing and Eye Catching Graphics
  • Persuasive & Hypnotic Sales Letter
  • Full blown "Conversion Driven" Sales Funnel
  • As well as other promotional material

It has literally cost me thousands of dollars to put this entire marketing campaign together...

And now I'm practically giving it away to you...

Premium PLR Reports Bundle is The First Ever PLR Product Where The Quality Shines Through Because Real-World Experts Produce The Content And Professional Marketers Build Out The Campaigns That Actually Work...

Premium PLR Reports 

 Weight Loss Made Simple

We Bring The Experts & Their Expertise To You... So You Can Focus On Sharing Their Knowledge With Your Audience & Growing Your Business!

To make sure you're getting the highest quality content possible we've partnered with a leading nutrition and health consultant, trainer to the professional athletes, & performance coach to the companies such as Land Rover Jaguar to create the entire product EXCLUSIVELY for YOU...

So now you can feel like a true expert, guide your audience and show them real and proven methods to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle!

Inside you're getting rights to a premium quality training that revolves around the most up to date "health & wellness" methods that are actually backed by science and proven with real-world results as well as immediately actionable content along with tested & proven strategies anyone can add to their daily routines...

But it doesn't just end there!

We've created everything from scratch and formatted it in a way so that you can turn the content into articles, blog posts, or emails.

So now you have the choice to instantly deliver the most exclusive "Health & Wellness" high quality content as a series of blog posts, videos, or a powerful training... WITHOUT any extra work!

On top of that, I've personally created a full blown marketing campaign for this product and got my team of highly experienced copywriters and designers to build everything out - and now I'm HANDING everything to YOU on a silver platter!

We're even including an exclusive step-by-step training showing you how to set up this funnel, start driving niche-targeted "high buyer intent" traffic, and maximize your profits with this bundle...

With that being said..

Here's Exactly What You Are Getting Inside...

Module 1

High Quality E-Book

The main E-Book is called "Weight Loss Made Simple". It's a brand new premium guide to weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle.

It's not just another PLR eBook you can find on random sites online. This is dramatically different from anything you've ever seen because it's more of a "field guide" to weight loss than a traditional "book".

It's been written by a leading nutrition and health expert with countless years of experience under his belt, so you can be 100% confident you will instantly position yourself as an authority figure by branding it as your own!

What's Included?

  • Over 10,000 words (29+ pages) of "how to", step-by-step content. 100% unique and original. 
  • Editable Doc file included so you can edit the book as you wish.
  • Professionally formatted and styled
  • PDF version included.


As soon as your customers finish going through the book, they can print out this easy to digest checklist and keep it on the corner of their desk for future references, to make sure they do not miss the most important and crucial steps when the time comes to implement the strategies they learn inside the book.

It will be a great companion to the main book that your customers will highly appreciate.

Module 2

Resource Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet is a perfect tool that will help your customers digest and really understand the concepts inside the book.

It breaks down every single aspect of the training into easily actionable steps that will allow them to implement the strategies so much faster and smoother.

Module 3

Mind Map

With a quick glance over this mind-map, your customers will be able to see the mountain top view which will help them to stay on course, stay focused, and avoid getting overwhelmed.

Module 4

Resource Report

Inside the resource report, you'll have access to the best tools, training, blogs, forums, and infographics. All focusing around the weight loss.

Module 5

Ready Made "Hypnotic" Sales Letter & Thank You Page

BRAND NEW! 100% Mobile-Friendly And Responsive On All Devices!

Module 6

The sales page is written by a professional copywriter with years of experience and a "slick" set of tools under his belt.

So you can rest assured the sales page is designed and written strictly to convert your visitors into customers.

  • No copywriting fees.
  • No wasted time trying to write sales copy yourself.
  • High converting full blown sales page!

On top of that, you're also getting a Thank You page so that you can deliver the product to your customers in style.

Take a look at a sample of the sales page and thank you page:

Optin Page & Lead Magnet

Optin Page:

Before you ask for the sale you need to get people on your email list, otherwise, you're just wasting your time and/or hard earned money.

But I'm sure you already know that, right?

And that's exactly why, as a part of this offer, you're getting a high converting capture page that will attract leads like the honey attracts bees.

The capture page is built with one goal and one goal only. To convert cold traffic into hot, hot leads.

Simply insert your opt-in form code and you're ready to generate leads who are ready to spend money. 

And don't worry, there's a step-by-step training inside showing you how to set everything up easily, quickly, and effortlessly. 

Lead Magnet:

Module 7

Professional Graphics

Inside you get the complete set of professionally designed graphics, including E-Covers, banners and other essential graphics to make the product more presentable and eye-catching.

You'll get all the image files in PSD format, which will allow you to edit everything as you please. 

Rebrand, change colors, add your logos or your own images to fit your brand.

Module 8

10 High Quality Articles

You'll get 10 top-notch articles all around the "work from home" subject.

Use these articles for your blog posts, emails, social media content... Use them to create powerful training videos or even full blown courses.

Compile them into a short report to promote affiliate products...

Or use them as bonuses for your affiliate promotions.

Module 9

  • Private label rights included
  • Each article is at least 400 words in length
  • Formatted in TXT version for easy copying and pasting
  • Includes all articles in DOC format as well

Promotional Emails

Use these proven email swipes to start extracting sales from your email subscribers... Immediately!

Simply choose the email swipe that fits you, pick a subject line, add it to your autoresponder... Hit send. And you're done!

These swipes have been written by a professional copywriter and their sole purpose is high open rates and high click-through rates.

Module 10

License Pack

And of course, as promised, you're also getting the private label rights, master resell rights and resell rights licenses.

These certificates grant you rights to the above.

Module 11

Take a peek at the content inside of this eBook below and see for yourself that it's not just another E-Book... But rather, a Premium Guide people will be willing to pay top dollar for...

The Easiest & Fastest Shortcut to Online 

Success You Could EVER Find… Will You Take It?

...and I'm not saying this lightly.

This is the absolute easiest way to kick-start your business.

Think about it...

You'll have a product that will make an impact and change people's lives.

The type of product that immediately positions you as an authority figure and makes you stand out from the crowd!

A cutting edge sales funnel with all the bells and whistles that will turn even the most jaded visitors into life long customers...

Engaging content that for your emails, blog posts and social media posts

Without Putting In Any Effort! None At All!

We've literally done all the hard work for you that comes with either starting a new business or venturing out to a different niche.

All you have to do is take advantage of it and take action.

And it truly is as simple as downloading everything we've got for you inside, following a simple step-by-step training we've put for you together and setting everything up...

From there... Just watch the cash spill over your wallet!

One Hour Is All It Takes

Within the next hour you could be fully set up and within the next couple of days you could see your first batch of sales rolling in...

This is your opportunity to make HUGE profits, with little to no effort, by tapping into a hungry market that’s craving for the precise information that's inside this bundle... 

In fact, the health and wellness niche has been one of the hottest niches since the invention of the internet… 

People, no matter what their background, culture, or economic status… badly crave to be happy and healthy...

And they are willing to whip out their credit cards and buy products that will help them do that.

It’s one of the best markets out there for doing business online. 

In fact, health and wellness is a $4.2 trillion industry globally! 

That means there’s plenty of room for even brand new marketers. And with THIS Premium PLR Reports Bundle, YOU are set to leave your competition in the dust and get your piece of that big, big pie!

Everything You Desire Is On The Other 

Side Of This One Very "Simple" Decision...

If you're only willing to take this leap of faith, this bundle can literally change your life...

Imagine being able to save countless hours on mind-numbing research, exhausting writing and have all the time in the world to spend with your loved ones.

Experience what it's like to have your all of your marketing working like a well oiled ATM machine printing you money... Almost on DEMAND.

Feel a level of certainty, knowing that your marketing is optimized for conversions and your sales messages are written precisely to get your prospects to take action...

If you are willing to take this one courageous step you have some awesome experiences waiting for you on the other side.

Imagine waking up, opening your eyes, feeling rich, and warm coffee aroma coming from your kitchen and realizing that you don't have to get dressed... You don't have to rush... Because you have a self sustained online business that provides you with freedom to do everything on your own terms...

Picture yourself having that peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have more money coming in every single month than you can possibly spend... And that all of your financial needs are taken care of.

Really think about it.

Think about how it would feel to have a business that gives you not only total financial freedom but time freedom as well.

Because that's EXACTLY what Premium PLR Reports can do for you!

But don't just take my word for it...

Here’s Why Our Customers Are Totally 

In Love With Premium PLR Reports!

Neill MacKenzie

“It’s another home run for Kevin Fahey with his new Premium PLR Reports product. I’ve had a pre-launch peek under the bonnet and the sheer amount of content for the price is amazing.  Several components including the eBook, Checklist, Cheat Sheet, Mind Map and of course the Opt-In Page and Sales Page are all excellent in their own right, but when you add in the fact that they all include Private Label Rights (PLR) then the value of this product is truly outstanding.  I recommend you pick up Kevin’s Premium PLR Reports, add your name and buy button to the sales page ….. and run with it.”

Olive Oliver

I wish I had the information in the work from home volume when I made the transition. It contains practical real-world advise about how to set up and be successful. There are many PLR offers on the market, but this is one of the few quality ones available. It is a must buy if you are looking for PLR of the highest standard. The PLR resources, sales funnel and follow up emails are outstanding. Not to mention the surprise bonus within the membership area.

Jason Daly

Love the ebook. Nice, clean layout and the content is fresh and relevant now. I love the Convertri share codes and other options available. The sales page is excellent for a PLR sales page! The site itself is very clean and uncluttered and modern feeling and I had no problem at all downloading the files. Excellent product and includes everything any marketer needs.

Why You Need To Secure Your Copy Of

Premium PLR Reports Weight Loss Made Simple RIGHT NOW!

  • This ONE Premium PLR Reports Bundle alone can literally change the course of your business...transforming you into an ultra-premium brand that people crave to be associated with.
  • Fill your autoresponder with value-driven emails, your blog with attention-grabbing posts, and any other marketing channel with action-inspiring content with a click of a button! (This will save you a tremendous amount of time, and a ton of money too.) 
  • Powerful content is the easiest way to create major demand for the products you're selling.
  • Forget the outrageous claims and the typical "marketing" you're used to. Stick to what's "actually" working. This simple approach used to create the content inside Premium PLR Reports works like crazy - and it doesn’t cost any money for you to deploy it.
  • There are 6 "covert" psychological sales triggers that EVERY SINGLE top performing funnel on the internet has. All of them are deployed in THIS funnel!

I truly believe this bundle will put more money in your pocket than any other single thing you could do, buy, or experience.

But also, because I want to over-deliver for you as much as possible, I want to give you FIVE more special gifts when you claim your Premium PLR Reports Bundle...

These bonuses I almost didn’t include because they could be entire products themselves…

But I want you to have EVERY advantage in selling your products blazing fast and seeing a surge of new customers.

Plus, I want this decision to be a no-brainer for you.

Bonus #1:

Exclusive Training On How To Setup Each Funnel

This will show you the FAST and EASY way to set up your wildly profitable funnel and get immediate sales with the power of the "Premium PLR Reports" bundle!

With this Exclusive bonus, you get the Step By Step Training Videos that will take you by the hand and guide you through the entire process to have your sales funnel fully setup and generating you sales literally in hours!

Value: $97

Bonus #2:

The Ultimate PLR Training Revealing The Counterintuitive Secrets To Making Huge Profits With Private Label Rights

These days PLR products get a bad rep mostly for the old looking graphics and low-quality content...

But I promise you there's hidden gold in PLR if you know how to get the most out of it...

Over the years I've personally generated thousands upon thousands of dollars with PLR products...

And in this EXACT training, I reveal the counterintuitive secrets to unlocking massive profits with PLR content...

Value: $67

Bonus #3:

A Complete PLR Training Series

In this series of training, you'll get a complete breakdown of how I built a 6 figure online business in the PLR niche.

On top of that, I'll show how you can use PLR in your business simply to save time, increase profits and completely eliminate stress.

Plus additional tactics and strategies that will help you grow your business and make more money with PLR.

Value: $67

Bonus #4:

Exclusive Access To a Private Mastermind Group

Meet and connect with top marketers in the industry who will push you towards success... Hang out with other "PLR Marketers", share knowledge, ideas, and experience to move all parts of your business forward...

And last, but not least - ask questions and get immediate help whenever you need it!

Value: $97

Bonus #5:

My Gun-To-The-Head Traffic Strategy

Inside I reveal what I would do if I was forced to generate thousands of visitors to my funnels and offers.

I layout in detail my go-to strategies to flooding my funnels with warm and ready-to-buy traffic that stuffs my bank accounts with cold hard cash.

Value: $97

Plus, Get $425 In Bonuses For FREE When You 


 It’s Only Fair To Warn you… 

This Is a Time Sensitive Offer...

Right now you can get access to this volume of Premium PLR Reports bundle at a massively discounted price.

However, it’s a strictly limited time offer.

You see the timer at the top of this page?

The second it expires the price of this bundle will immediately go up to $29.

The steeply discounted price on this page you are seeing right now is to encourage you to take advantage of this limited-time special launch offer.

And don't get me wrong, even at $29 this bundle is worth every single penny.

But at $12.95, it's an absolute no brainer.

So take action now to enjoy this incredibly low one-time introductory price!

And remember, you’re NOT taking any risks, because you’re covered by...

My Extremely Bold No Questions Asked 

"Triple Threat" Money Back Guarantee...

Look, I’m so confident this PLR bundle will be a breath of fresh air to your business, that after 14 days, you’re either THRILLED with the results and profits this bundle brings you or...

  • If you DON'T like the content inside this PLR Bundle...
  • If you're NOT head-over-heels about the results this product brings you...
  • Or even if you're just having a bad hair day...

Just shoot me an email and I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked!

Plus, I'll even let you keep the $425 worth of bonuses for free as my goodwill gift to you.

Yes, this bundle either gives you everything you're promised on this page, or you get your money back AND you get to keep all the bonuses for free.

No tricks. No gimmicks. None of that.

So if you’re interested, I only ask that you please act now...



Trust me - I know it can be a little nerve-wracking to go ahead and pull the trigger on a new purchase. Even when it's EXACTLY what you truly need to take your online business to a whole 'nother level.

But every inspiring change starts with a little leap of faith. Today - purchasing Premium PLR Reports bundle is that leap of faith…

And if you have any doubt in your mind I want you to know that I’m here with you every step of the way when you take action on this Premium PLR Reports bundle.

If you have a question or need some help, just reach out to me. I know how amazing it feels to finally have your very own offer and take your business from where it's barely making any money to banking consistent 4-5 figures per month. And I’ll do anything I can to help you achieve exactly that.

... But The Way I See It NOW You Have TWO Options…

Option #1: 

Do Nothing

But make no mistake about it - doing nothing is still making a choice…

A choice that will stall your progress and make your path to growing your online business and scaling your income much harder. 

And I don't want that for you. Because if you do nothing today you'll only get farther from the financial freedom and the lifestyle you truly deserve...

Instead you'll keep promoting other people's products, doing all the hard work building their businesses while they live the true internet dream.

Besides, even if you decide to go ahead and create your own product from scratch - all the time you could spend with your family and loved ones - you will spend working.

See, getting access to Premium PLR Reports Bundle is not just about getting access to a "done for you" marketing campaign... Sure it's a major benefit...

But along with it you're saving time and money by tapping into accumulated knowledge and wisdom instead of trying to figure everything out from scratch on your own.

What Premium PLR Reports can do for you overall is nothing short of life changing.

For less than a price of a meal at your local restaurant you're probably already bored of anyways, you can get immediate rights to a premium product created by a world's renowned health and fitness expert that UFC fighters are proud to work with... (Imagine the looks on your customers' faces as soon as they see the content inside one of your products!)

...Along with the baddest, meanest and most exclusive full-blown "done for you" PLR funnel on the planet.

A funnel that YOU can rebrand as your own and use it to build your business around it. A funnel that's built by true marketing professionals who "eat, sleep, and breathe" funnels...

A funnel that turns traffic into cold hard cash and is optimized for sky-high conversions...

And as soon as plug this system into your business (We'll show you exactly how to do it!) you'll notice an immediate surge in your income because you'll have the most important part of marketing already sorted out...

You'll have a "killer" sales funnel that prints you money like a broken ATM machine...

Plus - you'll be loaded with confidence... Because you've finally tackled an obstacle that for some is a life-long battle...

You can experience all this and more with the simple click of a button. And for nothing more than a little chump change…

Plus, this option is completely risk-free. Because it’s backed with my 14-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. In fact—you’ll risk losing much more in life if you pass up on this incredibly affordable offer…

So what are you waiting for? This is your moment…

To Your Success,

PS. PS. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the page, here’s a “Too Long, Didn’t Read” version for you:

On this page, you have a chance to grab The Weight Loss Made Simple Premium PLR Bundle.

It’s one of the best PLR products available on the market right now.

And Here's Exactly What You Get Inside:

  • Premium product with full PLR rights created EXCLUSIVELY for YOU by a leading nutrition and health consultant, trainer to the UFC fighters, & performance coach to the fortune 500 companies.
  • A sales page designed strictly to convert your visitors into customers and written by a professional copywriter with years of experience and a "slick" set of tools under his belt.
  • Full-blown sales funnel that will attract leads like the honey attracts bees, and turn them into your most loyal customers.
  • Bonus #1: Exclusive Training On How To Setup Each Funnel
  • Bonus #2: The Ultimate PLR Training Revealing The Counterintuitive Secrets To Making Huge Profits With Private Label Rights
  • Bonus #3: A Complete PLR Training Series
  • Bonus #4: Exclusive Access To a Private Mastermind Group
  • Bonus #5: My Gun-To-The-Head Traffic Strategy

And on top of that, you are covered by “no questions asked” 14 Day Money Back Guarantee...

So click the button below to join before this opportunity passes you by and you miss out forever!

Plus, Exclusive Bonuses That Are All But Guaranteed To 10X Your Investment Almost Immediately:

100% Money Back Guarantee. Risk Free.

And Hiring A Team Like That, As You Can Imagine, Can Cost Quite A Bit.

For All You Know, The Content Could Be Created By

 Some Random Semi-illiterate Guy That Was Just Trying To  Make A Couple Of Bucks On Fiverr...

But what if...

What if PLR wasn't horribly written and terribly designed but instead it would "WOW" your subscribers at the very first time they lay their eyes on it...

What if the information inside was actually useful enough to make a positive impact on your customer's lives...

Impact that would turn them into loyal customers coming back to you to spend their hard earned money... Over and over again! 

Sounds too good to be true? It's NOT! And I'm about to prove it to you!

Meet Declan Doyle...

And It Has Everything You Need To Tap Into 

The Massive "Health & Wellness" Niche...


Click Here To Get Instant Access Now!

100% Money Back Guarantee. Risk Free.

Option #2: 

Kevin Fahey & Declan Doyle

Click Here To Get Instant Access Now!

100% Money Back Guarantee. Risk Free.

Click Here To Get Instant Access Now!

100% Money Back Guarantee. Risk Free.

Give this "Curiosity Sparking" report away to build your list as well as authority, trust, and relationship with your subscribers.

This lead magnet will be a perfect bribe to get people onto your list and get them warmed up and drooling over the main product that puts money into your pockets.

"Weight Loss Made Simple" Book has been automatically featured as the "recommended product" inside this report so you can automatically make sales when people go through this report.

 Copyright Kevin Fahey

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the PLR Rights?

Private Label Rights means you get full rights to add your name and claim the content as your own. You are free to sell the course anywhere or in any way that you see fit. The only thing you can’t do is pass on the PLR rights to your customers.

Why should I get this today?

Because it’s one the highest quality PLR offers that's currently available on the market. If you can make just one sale, you'll immediately cover your little investment. And on top of that, the bundle is jam-packed with goodies and content that you can use in your business to save time and make more money. In other words... It’s a no-brainer.

I’ve bought low-quality PLR in the past… what makes this different?

"Premium PLR Reports" bundle is literally the Rolls Royce of PLR products. It was created by a team of professional marketers, writers, and designers to ensure a high level of quality.

Are there any additional or ongoing fees?

Nope. Just a one-time investment and you immediately get access to everything mentioned on this page.

What if I'm not happy with the product?

I am 100% confident that you’ll love this PLR bundle, but if for any reason you’re not satisfied, simply send us an email and we’ll promptly refund your money. No questions asked. You get a full 14 days to go through all the material and make sure it's for you.

OK, so how do I get started?

Click the button below to get INSTANT ACCESS…

100% Money Back Guarantee. Risk Free.